About Us
Soan Air Land Technologies (SALT) is a platform, managed by a team of professionals and business management experts. Specialisations include technical and technological consultancy, engineering solutions, aircraft assessments, aircraft maintenance services including overhauling, procurement of specialised material and components as well as business management consultancy.
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Specialized Materials / Chemicals


Communication & IT

Universities / R&D Institutions

Our Clients
Soan Air Land Technologies (SALT) has collaborated with several large scale organizations, from government to private sector, and has shown immpeccable past performance! All our clients have been fully satisfied with our services, and have left us with great reviews!
Products We Supply

Engine Assemblies

Main Rotor Hub with Blades

Tail Rotor Hub with Blades

Fuel Pump and Filters

Ground Power Unit

Hydraulic Rig

Grease Atlanta

Grease Ciatim

Turbinycoil 98

Global Positioning System

IR Head up Display

Underwater Locating Beacon

RF Transceivers

Digital Encoders

Antennas / Filters

Fiber Optic Gyros / Star Sensor


Quartz Fiber

D-Glass Fiber

Quartz Wool

Chopped Strands

Raisins of Different Variety

Weapons and Equipment

Real Time Real Worlds Training Simulators

Perimeter Security

Border Surveillance


Ground Communication

Microwave Antennas


Vector Network Analysers (VNAs)

Digital meters

DSP / Communication kits

Radar systems

Mechanical Engineering Labs

Material Science Engineering Labs

Avionics & Electrical Engineering Labs