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Soan Air Land Technologies is a subsidiary of the 2012-founded Soan Group of Companies. This enterprise is a platform that is managed by a group of professionals and business management experts. Specialisations include engineering, consulting, aircraft assessments, and aircraft maintenance services, including overhauling. Additionally, SALT has indenting and procurement experience in both the public and private sectors. The business has considerable expertise in assisting customers in selecting the most appropriate technical and technological solutions. SALT may give comprehensive professional advice to customers in the purchase and sale of aircraft, including evaluation and insurance concerns.

Soan Air Land Technologies serves a diverse clientele, including government institutions, law enforcement agencies, and the private sector. Components, equipment, materials, aviation spare parts, aircraft engine overhauling, aviation, space, weapons and explosives, and communication solutions are all areas of expertise for the firm. Additionally, SALT can assist in technology transfer.

With decades of industry experience, our consultants have established a skilled methodology and an experienced mindset for establishing long-term business partnerships with both end-users and OEMs. This organisation’s distinguishing feature is its ability to earn consumer confidence through quick, dependable service. Assessing and making changes to our consulting services and other relevant aspects remains our primary objective.

Apart from delivering services, Soan Air Land Technologies supports our clients’ businesses by creating commercial flows, importing and exporting goods, and arranging/managing foreign projects in collaboration with our principal/OEM.

Due to the close-knit nature of our workforce, all facets of the company’s business platform are integrated and linked to provide inspirational and exceptional outcomes.

Soan Air Land Technology is here to assist you in growing your business and offering services to help you achieve your goals, regardless of how challenging they may be.

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